Blackstone Labs Anesthetized

All the Sleep Support You Need!

Every person needs sleep. And it’s even more important if you are an athlete, bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast. But with all the sleep supplements available on the market today, which one to choose. Blackstone Labs has the answer. Anesthetized. This is a non-prescription sleep aid to get you to fall asleep soundly and fast. It’s the only hardcore sleep aid available…and who better to formulate it than Blackstone Labs. Anesthetized is going to knock you out cold.

No Prescription Needed

In today’s world, if you need to sleep, you are forced to go the prescription route if you need a sleep medicine. But Blackstone Labs has come out with the perfect sleep aid that is just as strong as the prescription sleep aids. Users even compare it to Xanax or an Ambien. This makes Anesthetized the leading sleep aid in the sports nutrition industry. This is the healthier and safer alternative to the prescription sleep aids and you can buy it without a doctor’s prescription.

More Sleep = More Growth

Being an athlete, one of the most important parts of growing is getting sleep. This is when you recover and when your muscles grow. Without rest, you will not reach the potential of all the workouts you have been doing. Anesthetized has scientifically proven itself to improve the speed to which you can fall asleep. It also helps you reach REM much quicker than normal. This is the most important stage of sleep to get into so you get optimal muscle gains.