Ignite Nutrition Amino Up

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Amino Up is your key to recovery!! BCAA+EAA+ELECTROLYTES. Leucine-4000 mg-Isoleucine-500 mg and Valine-500 mg and more……

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Amino-Up Advanced Amino Formula

Maximize your training by fueling your muscles with the right nutrition. Amino-Up contains 5 grams of the highly-anabolic BCAAs in an innovative 8:1:1 ratio, including a complete profile of all the EAAs, and an Electrolyte Matrix to help you re-hydrate and replenish so you can train at your peak, every time.
  • BCAA + EAA Matrix
  • Electrolyte Matrix
  • 4G of L-Leucine
  • Increase endurance, minimize fatigue, + improve recovery time

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