Insane Labz The Surgeon BCAA

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The Surgeon is a BCAA intraworkout straight forward recovery with Leucine-2.5gr  Isoleucine-1.25gr and Valine-1.25gr. Maximum muscle repair. Let the Surgeon get you to your goals.

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Insane Labz® The Surgeon

Cut your recovery time and come back from the dead.

How many times have you said to yourself after a workout, “That was great…but my [insert worked muscles here] are DEAD!”? Sure, it’s the good kind of pain – but you just want to get rested, recover and get back to the gym! Lucky for you, The Surgeon is in, and accepting new patients. This 2:1:1 BCAA is dosed at 5g per serving and each flavor was carefully perfected by the steady hands of The Mad Chemist. Order today, and look forward to your appointment with The Surgeon

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Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch