Benefits of the RAD-150

The compound offers a wide range of benefits, making it one of the most potent SARMS out there. It has one of the highest absorption rates and stability.

The compound has a half-life of 48 hours, providing bodies with extended action. In addition, it produces by far the fewest side effects making it generally safe for use.

Below are some of the benefits users can experience using RAD-150:

  • It promotes rapid muscle regeneration
  •  It increases sexual performances and libido
  •  Promotes the growth of lean muscles
  • Provides rapid muscle recovery
  •  It works without increasing aggression
  • It does not affect the metabolism of lipids
  • It does not cause baldness
  • There are no harmful effects on the liver
  • It offers an extended half-life leading to extended action time
  • There are no androgenic side effects
  • High absorption rate and quite stable

These are just a few of the benefits users can gain from using RAD-150. Due to the high absorption rate, the results from taking RAD-150 are pretty fast.

This is a stable compound that stays in the body for 48 hours before breaking down. You don’t have to take doses after every few hours. You can consume a single dose and experience results for up to two days. (3) capsules contain 30mg of RAD150. 90 capsules per bottle. THIS IS NOT A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT. NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. THIS IS A RESEARCH COMPOUND. MUST BE 21 TO PURCHASE.