Supplementing with L-Glutamine replenishes depleted stores, to help build new lean muscle and protect hard-earned gains by supporting protein synthesis. L-Glutamine also supports acid-base homeostasis.

L-Glutamine supports post-workout muscle energy repletion, volumization, and repair. This “conditionally essential” amino acid functions as a critical factor in muscle form and function.

Supports Muscle Cell Volumization And Muscle Development
Taking L-Glutamine supplements will help you improve exercise performance and gain muscles. The supplement also hydrates your body cells which are critical for repair and growth.

Replenishes Depleted Glutamine Levels
When one is stressed, ill, or injured, the L-Glutamine levels will go down, causing your body to look for the amino acid in your muscles to fill the gap. Glutamine supplements can support faster recovery for several ailments.

Boosts The Immune System
L-Glutamine is essential for the immune system. It is a significant energy source for your white blood cells, other immune cells, and intestinal cells. For optimum and efficient functioning, your body cells need enough proteins. L-Glutamine has sufficient proteins to supplement amino acids produced by your body. L-Glutamine can boost your health, decrease recovery time, and reduce infections.

Promotes Intestinal Health
The immune-boosting properties of this supplement will also allow it to improve your intestinal health. Your intestines make up a crucial portion of the immune system. Most of the intestinal cells bear immune functions. L-Glutamine being an energy source for the intestinal cells, prevents leaky gut problems.

Key Ingredients

  • L-Glutamine

Glutamine is an amino acid responsible for protein synthesis in the human body. Proteins are crucial in your body as they protect and support vital organs in your body. They will also transport substances in your blood to assist in repairing muscles and even curb harmful viruses.

Your body produces the amino acids Glutamine, but after vigorous activities, the body may require excess Glutamine, which individuals can only obtain from supplements or food.